T-N-R 2005 = 28
T-N-R 2006 = 39
T-N-R 2007 = 60+
T-N-R 2008 = 100+
T-N-R 2009 = 100+
We have also adopted out over 100 cats & kittens since our inception!
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NEW SPCA Cruelty Hotline: 1-866-601-SPCA (7722)
- manned & womanned --> 24 / 7 and it's anonymous! 

Flat Iron Wildcats is a trap-neuter-and-release(TNR) group established in 2000, which serves the East Kensington/Fishtown neighborhoods in the city of Philadelphia.  We hope to do this by:

  • Educating residents about trap-neuter-release as a program.
  • Educating the residents about the importance of Spaying & Neutering.
  • Bringing low cost spay and neuter clinics to the area.
  • Coordinating with area residents who are caregivers to colonies to assist with Spaying & Neutering.
  • Finding excellent loving forever homes for adoptable cats and kittens.

Flat Iron Wildcats is dedicated to helping reach the city's goal of adopting a no-kill policy by 2015!

A Memorial for Billy

The decision to let Billy go was wretchedly painful but his progress had ceased and his quality of life was deteriorating. On Good Friday we let Billy cross over the rainbow bridge where he would be forever healed and forever safe, even beyond what our love could offer him. We miss him now and will continue to, but take comfort in knowing we showed him that people aren't always evil, and in fact just like innocent kittens, capable of love. We know many fine cats on the other side will welcome Billy and finally, a whole and free Billy, will get to run and play like all kittens should. We thank all the people who offered support in all the amazing ways that you did.  Just remember the pain inside your heart when you see a story like Billy's - and turn it to the fuel you need to work to serve and protect the innocent like Billy and many others.  And never hesistate to report cruelty against innocent animals.
©2008 Noelle Burke